10 Graphic Design Trends in 2019

Whether you’re planning your wedding stationery or responsible for the publicity for a large corporate event, getting the right look is vital. While it’s never a good idea to be a slave to fashion, knowing what’s hot at the moment can be very useful. Here’s a run-down on some of the most popular and influential current graphic design trends.

Open Composition 2019

1) Open Composition

Over recent years, designers have tended to put frames around everything. It might make the page look a bit regimented but no one could suggest it looks unfinished. One of the stronger graphic design trends for 2019 is to get rid of the frames and go for an open look. Elements are less connected and ordered and the overall effect can even be that what is shown is only part of the picture.

2) Font Revivals

Bookman and Oldstyle Antique are both enjoying a renewed surge in popularity. The same is also true of Old Style & Transitional Serif fonts. Some of these typefaces date back to Renaissance times. Maybe it’s their clarity and elegance that appeals. These are classic choices for classic events like weddings or anniversaries.

3) Brutalism

The digital representation of socialist architecture features jarring colours, disorganised looking layouts and a caviler attitude to traditional concepts of harmony and balance. This might not be the best choice for your wedding invitations, but could be a great option if you want your new business cards to appeal to a younger target audience.

3d designs 2019

4) 3D design and typography

‘Make it pop’ seems to be one of the catchphrases of graphic design 2019. At it’s simplest this could mean rendering the font in 3D, something that can be done to just about any typeface. New technologies and design tools are also allowing graphic artists to produce beautiful three-dimensional images which capture viewers and draws them into the page.

5) Asymmetrical layouts

Asymmetric layouts create a sense of movement and energy. When the aim of the presentation is to create a sense of curiosity in the reader and ensure that they keep going to the end of the page, this is an option that can work well.

Abstract Geometry 2019

6) Abstract Geometry

Taking its inspiration from Bauhaus, the Memphis group and other modernist design schools, abstract geometry pairs well with Brutalism. Abstract geometrical layouts work well when combined with bold, bright contrasting colours and bring a sense of creativity and playfulness to the work.

7) Outline Typography

The borders of the letters are there, while the inside is self-coloured with the background. Outline letters are predicted to be a strong element in both paper-based and web graphic design in the coming year.

8) Mid Century Modern

It’s not unusual for current design to draw inspiration from the past. At the moment art from the mid-twentieth century is underpinning some design treads in 2019. Think dreamy vintage colour palettes combined with clearly modern illustrations. The effect is both bold and charming and works equally well for web design or printed publications.

Colour Gradients 2019

9) Colour Gradients

Colour transitions have been gaining in popularity for the last few years. Both simple mono or duotone gradients are commonly seen. You’ll also spot bolder tone changes with less conventional colour merges. Colour gradients can be used to pull together photographs which might otherwise clash. They’re also useful to bring depth and shade to otherwise flat illustrations and can look striking when used in logo design.

10) Vivid Colours

Vivid Colours 2019

Strong, vivid colours and unusual combinations are one of the big design trends of 2019. This is a great option when you’re looking to create a bright, optimistic, futuristic or even fantasy element in your publication. Play with contrast, pattern, metallic shades. They’re all good! When the message you want to present is unreservedly positive there’s no such thing as too bold!