5 benefits of professional logo design

There are some handy bits of free logo design software and online option out there these days. Canva, LogoMakr, DesignMatic – plus Wix and many other companies offer their own free logo design options. So why would you hire a graphic designer?

Would a free option not be more cost-effective? Why spend money on something if you don't have to?

Well, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the design of your logo:Read more

How To Plan An 18th Birthday Party

Turning 18 is the official mark of the end of childhood. And the start of adulthood! Traditional gifts include keys and glasses, mugs, or tankards. Unique presents embrace personalized birthstone jewelry, books of you, and embroidered sweatshirts. So, you know what to buy. All that’s left to focus on are the celebrations. See how to plan an 18th birthday party here…Read more

Top Beach Wedding Invitation Design Ideas

Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular Why? Because you have the creative freedom to set the mood. Beauty, serenity, and romance. And the stunning scenery provides a wonderful background for your wedding photos.

All you need to do now is to invite your guests! See a range of top beach wedding invitation ideas here…Read more

What Are The Best Colours For A November Wedding Invitation?

Autumn is all about textures. Warm tones. Rustic colour palettes. When the leaves are changing and outdoor venues are foliage inspired, this all makes picture-perfect surroundings for a wedding.

Planning your wedding at this time of year is a joy. And choosing colours for your fall wedding invitations can combine richness with classic and contemporary options. What are the best colours for a November wedding invitation? Read on…Read more

What Logo Colours Mean?

A logo is defined as a design or symbol used by a company to identify its products. A precise logo can make a great first impression and give your business a professional image. And make you instantly recognizable in the marketplace.

Selecting the right logo colours can make a huge difference. Research has indicated that colours can be a powerful tool for consumer opinions. In recent surveys, colour was stated as the most popular reason why a particular product was actually bought. See what logo colours mean here…Read more

How To Address Wedding Invitations

How to address wedding invitations is another lesson that you need to learn when preparing for your wedding day! There’s definitely a wedding invitation etiquette that needs to be followed. When your uniquely tailored wedding invitations have arrived, you’ll want to understand how appropriate titles and abbreviations are used. Don’t panic, look at the guide below to get you started…...Read more

How To Choose A Font For Logo

Font choice is an essential part of logo design – the right font can amplify both the strength of your logo and your brand. Fonts bring a personality and a voice so a good typeface will engage your customer – and your brand will be remembered. See how to choose a font for logo here...Read more

How to Choose Unique Wedding Invitation Wording?

With the strict etiquette of the past laid aside, your wedding can be a true reflection of who you are and who you aspire to be as you move forward as a couple. One way to demonstrate your identity and the style of your celebrations lies in the wedding invitation wording you use...Read more

How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Logo Design For Your Business

Graphic design plays a huge part in building your company – incorporating personality and symbolism. The logo of your brand and it's immediate visual identity is instantly recognised by the use of colour – this can affect how your customers feel and actually increase the number of clients that remember you. Therefore it's really useful to know colour meanings and branding - see how to choose the right logo for your business here...Read more

What Does A Graphic Designer Do?

Behind every brand’s visual campaign is a graphic designer – creating concepts that inspire and inform customers on posters, billboards, packaging, and marketing material. Communication design is the art and practice of planning and projection of ideas with both visual and textual content – the form can be physical or virtual and include images, words, and graphics. So what does a graphic designer do? Read on…Read more