Planning a first birthday party is so exciting. You need to select a party menu, a first birthday cake, baby’s outfit, and fill party bags. On top of this, you’ll want to arrange party games and stick to a simple theme. But to enjoy a successful party you’ll need guests!

Choosing first birthday invitation wording can be quite stressful. As there’s actually a protocol to follow. Here’s a guide to birthday invitation wording for you to look at…

Birthday Wording Image

Invitation Details

It’s important to have all of the relevant information on your invites. This acts as a guide to tell other parents what kind of party to expect. The wording must include:

Childs Name – make sure their name is the main focus with age 1 standing out

Party Date and Time – list the date, day, and time frame of the party – normally two hours maximum for little ones

Party Location – make sure the address is clear whether this is a local venue or your home. A simple map can be enclosed if the locale is hard to find

Theme – including the theme on the invite if you’re going to have one can make a lovely addition to party accessories

RSVP – if you want a reply you need to state a deadline. And if you don’t need a reply then simply say so on the invitation

Don’t forget to send the invitations out at least three weeks before the party to make sure calendars are clear.

1st Birthday image

First Birthday Invitation Wording Sample

  • It’s party time

  • Come and take part in the celebrations as Ben turns ONE

  • Sunday, May 31st, from 2pm-4pm

  • Join us for cakes, balloons, and games at the Conley Family Home

  • 65 Benson Drive, Bideford

  • Come in costume – we’re princes and princesses

  • No need to RSVP, just regally arrive!

Remember to word the invitation for the recipient. For first birthday parties, these are going to be adults. Use a tone that’s appropriate with clear wording that can still be fun. If first birthdays coincide with events such as Easter or Valentine’s Day try incorporating bunnies and sweethearts into the mix.

Birthday gifts by Papyrus Design

Invitation Ideas

You may want to customise your invite by adding timeline photos of your baby’s first year. And the choice of backgrounds is endless. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Snow scenes

  • Magical Unicorns

  • Cookie Monsters

  • Ballerinas

  • Mermaids

  • Ice creams

  • Dinosaurs

  • Jungle Animals

Why not consider creating a video invitation? Then you can send it out on a DVD. Or you invite all guests through social networking. You could even use your phone to text smiley invites with happy characters and quotes.

Need Some Professional Help?

If you’re struggling for ideas why not get a couture stationery house to design your birthday invitations for you? You’ll be able to discuss your thoughts. And let a specialist designer with technical skills do the rest! Your 1st birthday invitation wording will be simply perfect on your uniquely crafted event stationery.

Party Planning

First birthday parties are all about celebrating your baby’s first year. Remembering the sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, and first teeth. Plan the party around your child so that nap time can still be had. The food can be a simple as you like. It’s a great idea to prepare a table for younger children. And one for the adults.

Instead of the expense of hiring a professional photographer, ask a family member or friend to take the photos. One less thing for you to worry about. And you’ll get all the memories of your baby’s first birthday party captured beautifully. Remember to keep a copy of the invitation in your baby mementoes box!