How To Choose The Right Logo Design For Your Business

Graphic design plays a huge part in building your company – incorporating personality and symbolism. The logo of your brand and it’s immediate visual identity is instantly recognised by the use of colour – this can affect how your customers feel and actually increase the number of clients that remember you. Therefore it’s really useful to know colour meanings and branding – see how to choose the right logo for your business here…

The Colour Palette

Color business logo colors

Studies have shown that colours of logos represent different feelings – take a look at a sample of corporate colours and their meanings:

  • Red is exciting, energetic, passionate, and dangerous! This bold and lively colour symbolises confidence and power confidence and power
  • Orange sends a message of activity and energy and is associated with youthfulness and adventure. It’s most suitable for fun and vibrant, energetic brands
  • Yellow promotes optimism and happiness as it’s the colour of sunshine! It communicates joy, energy, and friendliness
  • Blue says calming and trustworthy and works well in any corporate context for a more serious design. It’s a favourite colour for companies that want to convey reliability and dependability
  • Green has two very common meanings: one being wealth and finance, the other nature and the environment. It represents plant life, growth, and a sustainable environment as well as representing prestige and stability
  • White represents innocence, purity, and perfection, and can be used by designers to convey a clean and modern simplicity. Branding with white will be minimalist and straightforward

Multiple Colours

The best logo colour combinations are either in similar hues such as purples and blues – or accent colour with major contrasts. Surveys have indicated that women prefer soft colours with shades mixed with white – whilst men prefer stronger tints and colours mixed with black.
Contrasting a bright colour such as gold foil for a touch of luxury, or combining it with white for a bold and simple statement makes black a colour to be taken seriously representing power and mystery.

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Choose Your Font

Finding the right font is also an essential part of the design – there are three main types to choose from:
Serif: traditional and classic – also trustworthy but can seem a little outdated
Sans serif: clean and modern with a fresh and readable outlook
Script: fits really well with a creative and elegant persona – but can be a bit tricky

Your Stationery House

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