Turning 18 is the official mark of the end of childhood. And the start of adulthood! Traditional gifts include keys and glasses, mugs, or tankards. Unique presents embrace personalized birthstone jewelry, books of you, and embroidered sweatshirts. So, you know what to buy. All that’s left to focus on are the celebrations. See how to plan an 18th birthday party here…

Preparation is the Key

A party planning checklist is essential to avoid forgetting something. Some aspects of the party may need to be booked months in advance. And others need to be left until the last minute. Bear in mind the:

  • Finances – Deciding on what you want to spend is simple if you set a budget and stick to it. Be realistic but don’t
    forget there are many activities you can do for free. And you can make a lot of the decorations
  • Date – This is the one thing you have to do in advance to make sure that everyone invited can attend. Guests will like to make a note of the date on their calendars and plan around it. A weekend is the best option to avoid many work commitments.
  • Guests – Make your guest list with the party recipient so only people wanted will be invited! When you’ve got your final head count you may need to slightly adjust your budget to suit.
  • Invitations – Send out your invites at least four weeks before the party. Include all the information needed such as:

stylish wedding invitations– Name
– Date
– Time
– Venue
– Theme
– Dress code
– Contact information
Invitation ideas for 18th birthday party include:
– Whiskey labels
– Vintage afternoons
– Comic book superheroes
– Chalkboard typography
– Top secret surprises
– Travel / World maps
– Disco balls

  • Location – At your own home or a friend’s house are the two most popular choices. However, if you can stretch the budget a little further you could consider booking a hotel or restaurant. Or you could choose a day at the beach or a similar activity-based venue.

    Why not also consider a scavenger hunt, a firework party, or a sports party? Party ladies may enjoy a game night, a concert surprise, or camping out.

  • Refreshments – Have you considered hiring a catering van? You’ll be able to select a whole range of food from Indian to Mexican. And the favourite burgers and kebabs. Or simply provide crudities and dips. Pizzas, Chicken Drumsticks. And a whole range of crusty bread rolls and sandwiches. Party dessert platters are readily available at many supermarkets. 

If the party is held in a function room children under 18 would need to be identified with a band or stamp stating not old enough to drink. For home parties supply water, juices, and non-alcoholic beverages alongside sparkling wines and beers. 

Don’t forget the cake! If you need to order it do this in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. And make a note to go and collect it. Otherwise, make your own. And add cake bunting to match the chosen party theme.

  • Theme – 18th birthday themes can be really exciting. And you can make them consistent with the décor, food and invitations. Go for colour themes such as striking blacks, whites, and reds. Or choose a carnival theme, a music subject, or board game topics. Add themed tableware, balloons, and personalized banners for a complete party vibe. Costume parties also go down well.

When You Need Professional Help

Did you know that an established couture stationery house will create personalized stationery to celebrate your 18th birthday party? You’ll be able to discuss your ideas. You can view samples or bring your own inspired suggestions. And your personal designer will produce unforgettable invitations that meet all of your dreams. And make your party planning complete.