Your marriage ceremony along with all the following festivities symbolises everlasting love. And provides an opportunity of spoken promises. To make your day perfect you need to make plans. And with a little guidance, you can have the wedding of the year! Look at new wedding trends 2019 here…

Personal Invitations

Why not commission a couture stationery house to design sophisticated wedding invitations especially for you? You’ll be able to discuss the style you desire. And then see that in print. All the wedding stationery you need will be professionally created. From order of service cards to menus. All with a matching theme to unify the entire event.

wedding invitation

Wedding Outfits

Classic and simple dresses are returning. With clean lines and without exaggeration. 2019 wedding trends for brides include geometric patterns and shapes. The understated, effortless minimalist wedding dress is without fuss and frills. And bridal jumpsuits will be an option for smaller, casual weddings.

Grooms will be suiting up in three-pieces – tailored and fitted jackets in bright hues such as ink blue or burgundy. Waistcoat styles that are original. And a shirt that can have sleeves pushed up for a relaxed after-wedding look. Straight or tapered trousers will deliver an overall masculine silhouette.

Flowers and Foliage

New wedding trends in 2019 for florals include hoops incorporated into bouquets. Or hung from the ceiling above individual tables. Trees and lush foliage will take centre stage. And greenery will be in abundance. 2019 is expected to be the year of dahlias. With their rich hues and unique shape. Peonies and ranunculi will add to the natural and romantic theme.

Flower walls provide the perfect backdrop for photos. And greenery garlands draped over railings will bring the outdoors in. Pampas grasses can be used to romantically decorate arches and aisles.

wedding stationery

Wedding Cake

2019 will see impressive creations of opulent wedding cakes. The cake agenda will provide regal piping, metallic finishes, and personalised symbols. Intricate decorative finishes and complex sugar flowers will delight. Cake design studios will make your bespoke wedding cake. With beautiful hand-painted and hand-piped detail. Your ideas will be transformed into the most exquisite cake by talented master bakers.


Creating a romantic setting and a fragrant ambience is made easy with scented candles. And is a lovely reminder of your celebration for guests to take home. To enhance the foliage theme, choose fig for its sweet and woody aroma. And it suits every month of the year.

Cotswold Garden candles produce heavenly options perfect for summer weddings. With magnolia, peony, freesia, and apple blossom fragrances your floral theme will be enriched.

Bright colours are expected to make a return too. Emeralds, burgundies, and deep turquoises will be seen on linens and accessories. Traditional silver and gold will also play a part.

Modern venues such as factories and old mills add a touch of space alongside raw wood and metal inflexions. And eco-friendly and ethical ideas will become increasingly important. Dried-petal confetti in pretty dye-free shades will biodegrade in a few days. And straw and canvas used in going away accessories will be high-quality and environmentally friendly.


Food options are becoming more inventive. And more personal. The trend of themed food stations instead of the buffet selection continues to grow in popularity. Custom pizzas, tacos stands, and raw seafood bars are all prevalent choices. Grazing tables offering meats, fruits, and cheeses are presented artistically. And bowl food or mini dishes provide a great variety of choice.

Unique drink options include custom cocktails created for the newlyweds. And appropriately named. Fresh ingredients are making their way to the bar – edible flowers and freshly picked herbs. Beverage stations and hot drinks carts, tea trolleys and milk and cookie carts all offer a range to cater for every taste.