Autumn is all about textures. Warm tones. Rustic colour palettes. When the leaves are changing and outdoor venues are foliage inspired, this all makes picture-perfect surroundings for a wedding.

Planning your wedding at this time of year is a joy. And choosing colours for your fall wedding invitations can combine richness with classic and contemporary options. What are the best colours for a November wedding invitation? Read on…

See the Shades

Autumn leafs

Fall wedding colours can be categorised into the following warm colour options:

  • Greens – From light sage to bright green hues these simple colour options can add an elegant style to any invitation. Leafy greens add an eye-catching hint of autumn.
  • Blues – Choose from an entire spectrum of sea and sky blues to dark navy. Weave in dusky blues and ivory or gold hues for seasonally apt invitation colours.
  • Beiges – You can complement soft neutrals with silver and gold. Ideal if you want less colour on your invitations. Cream shades with just a touch of autumnal colours may be your preference.
  • Berry – Opt for rich tones that include raspberry, cranberry, and mulberry. Balance with cream coloured florals for a stunning colour combination for your invites.
  • Purples – Purple tones are ideal to mix and match. Choose November wedding invitation shades of violet, dusky grape, and pale lilac hues.
  • Browns – Hazel. Chocolate. Coffee. Cocoa. Nut. Such a delicious range of colours inspired by dark woods and rich soils. A sure choice for your fall wedding invites.
  • Oranges – Burnt orange and sienna mix seamlessly with ivory and white to create a truly seasonal look for your November wedding invite.
  • Black and White – You may want a classic style for your fall wedding invitation. Black sketches and font combined with various shades of grey and brilliant white will set the scene.

Colours that Complement

  • Emerald and burgundy are a colour combination that’s both luscious and elegant. Jewel tones of precious bright green and warm shades of deep red are a perfect invitation colour choice.
  • Select a colour palette of grey and mauve for a subtle yet rich feeling. Pale purples blossom with white or grey petals to set an inviting November wedding request.
  • Mix navy with peach for a bold statement with a soft and romantic side. Dark blues contrast beautifully with the yellow-pinks of the fruit – creating stunning fall wedding invitations.
  • Grape and walnut offer a colour combination to dazzle. Walnut conjures up shades of a brown characteristic of heartwoods, with the dark violet contrast of the berry. When added to a shimmery themed invitation this is an endless colour option.

Embellishments and Charms

Consider adding the following motifs:

  • Maple, oak, or other autumnal leaf images
  • Autumn trees and flowers
  • Autumn produce such as pears, vines, and berries
  • Add copper or gold leaves or acorns
  • Use silver and gold card clips
  • Add ribbon, raffia, silk, and satin for a warm and elegant feel

Get the Wedding Invitations of Your Dreams

Why not be guided by specialist designers from a couture stationery house to ensure your November wedding colours are perfect? You’ll be advised by an experienced team offering suggestions and inspiration.

You’ll even be able to include the addressing and posting of all your invitations to your guest list.

Go the Extra Mile

Top fall wedding colour schemes can make your wedding flow. From the wedding invitations to the reception. Make these simple yet stunning adornments:

  • Add whole fresh berries to your white wedding cake
  • Mix greenery with your bouquets of lilies, anemones, and hydrangeas
  • Provide bridesmaids with creative leaf crowns
  • Make speciality cocktails with orange and cranberry themes
  • Use navy ribbons to complement gold-painted pinecones and metallic vases
  • Scatter sprayed leaves and caramel treats on table tops
  • Arrange seasonal fruit in wide bowls