Beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular Why? Because you have the creative freedom to set the mood. Beauty, serenity, and romance. And the stunning scenery provides a wonderful background for your wedding photos.

All you need to do now is to invite your guests! See a range of top beach wedding invitation ideas here…

Theme Wedding Invitations

  • Beach Chic

Real seashells add an extra dimension to beach-orientated pictures. You could add deck chairs and sand castles, waves, and shorelines. Or other accessories such as shades, sandals, and beach umbrellas. Satin ribbons will add a touch of class.

  • Melbourne Wedding Arch Tropical Wedding Arch

Tropical beach scenes are a beautiful way to invite guests to your exotic wedding. Crystal clear waves contrasting with brilliant blue skies is a picture of paradise. Add a wood arbor to complete the vista.

  • Palm Trees

From modern faux gold to vintage beach lights styles, palm trees can enrich a beach scene inviting. Summer sunset palms will delight. And serene palm tree watercolours create beautiful silhouettes.

  • Starfish

The addition of seahorses, dolphins, or any other marine life can enhance any invitation. Three-dimensional options mean you can get really creative. Buy starfish online and simply attach them to the invites with wedding ribbon.

Theme Wedding Wording

Beach wedding invitation wording is really important. And should complement the design you’ve chosen. Depending on whether your wedding is formal or a more relaxed event, your invitation style will reflect the theme exactly. Look at just what to say on a beach wedding invitation here…

  • Palm tree on the beachDestination Invites

The wording for a destination invitation is the same as if you were getting married locally. The only difference being you can be as creative as you like with the language! Informal invites can offer the witnessing of your wedding on the warm sands of the location. Or joining to exchange vows in paradise.

  • Humorous Invites

You can reflect the fun theme of your beach wedding by using wording that makes you smile. Beach puns are the perfect way to illustrate this.

  • Informal Invites

Wording options here can say anything from poetry excerpts to jazzy and upbeat seaside themes. Consider using wording that incorporates the sea, shore, sand, and sunsets. Or take romantic phrases from Shakespeare before the request to attend.

  • Formal Invites

This is the most straightforward wording used on beach wedding stationery. Important details can be written after an opening quote or question. Short and sweet invitation wording always adds an air of excitement.

Be Invitation Savvy

Search online for a vast range of appropriate beach wedding invitation wording samples. You’ll be able to select suitable options for:

  • Summer Beach Wedding StyleTraditional wording from the bride’s parents
  • Formal wording from you as a couple
  • Wording from a widowed parent
  • Appropriate wording from divorced parents
  • Reception only invitation wording
  • Informal invitations with no particular host
  • Informal invitations with you as hosts

Don’t Forget to…

  • Include the full address including city, state, and country
  • Advise on accommodation, special dinner reservations, and amenities booked
  • Provide information on dress code
  • Send out save the date cards in plenty of time to allow for guests to book time off work- this could be six months in advance
  • Post invitations earlier than usual to give guests more time to RSVP – allow two months

Celebrate in Style

Get a unique beach wedding invitation designed for you by professionals. You’ll be able to talk to a design specialist to create the invitation that really conveys the theme you desire.

Couture stationery houses will help you with your dream invites. Make them a reality. And will ensure your beach wedding invites make a statement that lasts a lifetime.