A logo is defined as a design or symbol used by a company to identify its products. A precise logo can make a great first impression and give your business a professional image. And make you instantly recognizable in the marketplace.

Selecting the right logo colours can make a huge difference. Research has indicated that colours can be a powerful tool for consumer opinions. In recent surveys, colour was stated as the most popular reason why a particular product was actually bought. See what logo colours mean here…

Rainbow Colours

Before choosing your logo colors you need to identify the message your business wants to convey. This includes factors such as competence, energy, compassion, or innovation. Key personality traits are really important to ensure you select the right logo colours for the job.

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  • Red – This bright and bold color is used in many food product logos as it actually stimulates your appetite! It’s also the colour that generates passion and energy as it can trigger strong emotions. Red also symbolizes love, intensity, and danger. And creates an urgency to shop.
  • Orange – Known as a playful color orange can create a warm and comfortable feel. It’s seen as an innovative and modern thinking hue, with the impression of fun and affordability. As well as reflecting enthusiasm it encourages buying and selling, particularly with impulsive customers.
  • Yellow – A whole range of emotions is invoked by yellow – from fun and creativity to joy and festivities. However, it can sometimes be associated with caution and cowardice as it stimulates the nervous system. It represents optimism in the marketplace as it shows transparency.
  • Green – If your brand portrays simple and harmonious then green is your best colour option. Growth and freshness, sporty and healthy are all communicated by this colour. Also associated with wealth and tranquillity green will send a message of relaxation.
  • Blue – Light or dark blues are classed as cold colours that calm, soothe, and aid focus. Blues are extremely popular as they imply integrity and sincerity. As these shades are associated with water and peace they increase productivity in the workplace and indicate a trustworthy brand.
  • Violet – Just like red, violet is allied to greatness and power. And is the colour of confidence and success. Throughout history, it has been the colour of wealth, luxury, and royalty. It represents a brand that’s imaginative and creative.

Even More Shades

  • Black – This colour can work really well for promoting expensive products as it implies value and sophistication. Be mindful that it can be associated with death so you may want to consider a black and white mix – currently a very popular trend.
  • White – White can work for almost any brand as it’s both youthful and economical. It represents a pure and clean colour code which is also soft and noble. To get maximum impact you may want to contrast with multiple shades.
  • Grey – Greys are considered the middle ground for maturity, seriousness, and classical. Light greys are more accessible, whilst darker greys add a hint of mystery.
  • Brown – Need confirmation of your brand’s strength and durability? Brown is your colour solution. It indicates and earthy and simplistic association with the outdoors and rural life. It also tends to have manly and rugged connotations.
  • Pink – Pink is a very versatile colour that has a modern and youthful appearance. Due to its feminine associations pink is often targeted at women.

Need Professional Guidance?

When you need advice on how to choose logo colours why not consider getting in touch with a couture stationery house? Specialists in logo design will help with full-branding development so you’ll get the unique style and theme that you desire. And make you stand out from the crowd.