Invitations are essential when planning your wedding. They set the theme. And help guests get ready for your event. So, it’s important that you give this part of your preparation proper care and consideration.

You may not be aware that there are many wedding invitation paper styles. And whichever paper you select may become a timeless keepsake for your special guests. See a choice of what paper to use for wedding invitations here…


Cardstock paper for wedding invitations varies by feel, texture, materials, and price. Included in the range are:

  • Cotton – gives invitations a smooth modern look and feel – and is available in colours of white, ivory, and grey. Perfect colours for classic wedding invitations. And it gives the air of professionalism with its strength and durability.
  • Felt – adds an air of sophistication with a velvety texture – and hides any imperfections beautifully. This clean, modern linear texture is designed to be mixed and matched. And add subtlety to contemporary invites. This distinctly understated cardstock can be made into exquisite designs. And is available in many colours.
  • Brown Paper– brown paper wedding invitations are a perfect choice for retro or vintage themed weddings. Natural brown Kraft paper wedding invitations can be printed in stunning high-resolution full colour. And laser cut for stunning results.
Screen Printing
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  • Linen – with a delicate texture creating a classic timeless appearance – only limited colourways but a slightly wider range than for the cotton variety. Extra visual interest is created by the matt finish. It feels just like a linen fabric.
  • Matte Paper– one of the most common paper finishes – with the addition of crisp white or pastel colours for a stunning look. The paper comes in different varieties – semi-matte, premium matte, double-sided, and photo quality.
  • Pearlescent– add a little sparkle to your invitations with pearlescent paper providing a top-shimmer finish. Elegant and sophisticated with that added stunning astral effect. The smooth complementary shimmer shows through to make your invitations truly unique.
  • Handmade– handmade paper wedding invitations are also eco-friendly wedding invitations – as they’re made from hemp, cotton, and other plant fibres. They have a coarse appearance adding that extra warm texture to invites. Due to the nature of production, they tend to be more expensive. And generally, only produced in small numbers.
  • Recycled– recycled wedding invitations are another form of eco-friendly invites. Making recycled paper has enormous environmental benefits – used paper goes through at least 11 stages during the recycling process. And results are perfect for rustic style themes.

Cardstock Weight

Basically, the higher the weight the thicker the cardstock. The thicker the cardstock, the resulting invitations will look and feel better. Weight is a personal choice depending on the style and theme of your wedding. And of course, your budget. See a weight guide here…

  • 80 – 90lbs – a little thin but ideal for home printers
  • 100lbs – heavy enough for a professional appearance
  • 110 – 130lbs – may require an industrial printer for the ultimate look in proficiency
  • 150lbs – reserved purely for professional printers


There are two types of paper – coated and uncoated. Coated papers cover:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Silk
  • Dull

Uncoated papers have different finishes including:

  • Felt
  • Vellum
  • Embossed
Wedding invitation paper

Printing Methods

Knowledge of printing options can help when you need custom invitations. And needs to combine beautifully with your paper choice. See a range of printing options below:

  • Digital – allows printing on thinner paper
  • Offset – works with many different types of wedding invitation paper
  • Embossing – relies on pressure to create selected pattern
  • Thermography – uses a thick layer of ink to create raised surfaces on the paper
  • Engraving – requires a unique plate to engrave letters and designs on the paper
  • Letterpress– needs thick paper to press the letters onto

Consult the Experts

Why not let a trusted couture house create unique personalised wedding invitations for you? And take all of the stress away regarding your choice of paper – as your project will be comprehensively taken care of from initial designs to enveloping and posting!