It’s like getting writer’s block and cold feet jitters at the same time! For many people who are going to be tying the knot in the near future, figuring out what to write on an engagement invitation is a cause of almost as much stress as the big day itself.

Don’t panic though. Here is everything you need to know about engagement party invitations:

Start with an introductory phrase

This can be as short or as long as you like. A single sentence is often enough. Other people prefer a complete poem or witty rhyming couplet.

What you choose will also vary depending on the level of formality of the event you have planned – and who is doing the hosting. If you are having a professional design your invitations for you, they will guide you through the whole process.

Here are some examples if you are thinking about handling the design yourself:

  • Keep it traditional

Traditional wording might involve the parents of the bride inviting the guests to the party. A traditional engagement party invitation will be more formal than other options:

“Mr. and Mrs. A Parent cordially invite you to a dinner party to celebrate the engagement of their daughter Dr. P. Daughter and Mr. D. Boyfriend.”

  • Go with a more casual approach

Depending on who is getting married and who is hosting the party, you might prefer something a little friendlier than the above. You might go with:

“Dave and Louise are getting married! Come and raise a glass with us at…”

“We’re engaged! Come and celebrate with us at…”

  • Be just a bit more modern

More modern engagement invitation wording is the middle-ground between the traditional and the casual.Something like:

“Please join us as we celebrate the wedding of Jim and Jill! 123 An Address”

  • Get a little poetic

A short rhyming couplet can be a fun, stylish or pleasantly twee way to open an invitation:

“Love is here to stay… let’s dance the night away!”

“He offered her a ring… let’s celebrate this thing!”

“Or perhaps a lyric from your favourite song.”

Engagement invitation with bouquet
  • Follow your theme

Have you decided on a costume theme? Or will the venue be decked out to remind you of the place you first met? Or the hobby you met while doing? Why not reflect that theme in your invitation? Whatever you choose, keeping it brief is usually the way to go.

Make sure you include all of the vital information

Again, if you’re working with a professional to design or choose your engagement party invitation, they will prompt you to do this.

If you are writing your invitation yourself, make sure you include all of the necessary details:

  • Who is getting married – it sounds obvious but it’s not something you want to forget!
  • Who is hosting – if you want questions to be directed to someone other than the bride and groom.
  • Where the party is going to be – including full address and possibly even a map.
  • When the party is going to be – including start and possibly end times.
  • How the person you have invited can confirm their attendance (RSVP details).

Add the extra details

Over and above the vital details, there are a few questions that your intended guest might be asking themselves:

  • Is there a dress code (smart casual, black tie)?
  • Is there a theme?
  • Is it BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze)?
  • Should they bring a dessert? (It’s common in some parts of the world)
  • Should they bring a gift? (You can include the line “no gifts please” to make things clear)

Think about including photos

If you’ve had an engagement photo shoot, this is the perfect chance to show off one or two of the best snaps.

In general, making your invitation visual is a good way to transmit feelings and the ambience you want to create as well as all the information your guests need to know.

Engagement photo

What’s more important that your engagement invitation wording?

Like everything else about your wedding, your engagement invitation wording should be deeply personal to you. It’s no good choosing a wordy, poetic intro if all of your friends and family know that you are party animals at heart.

Then again, if you are secretly soppy, there’s never going to be a better time to show your sentimental side!

When it comes to what to write on an engagement, you won’t go far wrong if you go with what speaks to your heart(s). Remember – it’s your day. Do things your way.