Traditionally wedding invitations are sent out by the hosts of the wedding. And they’re an essential part of the wedding plans. Choosing the design and packaging can be stressful. And then there’s the question of how long to leave it before they’re posted! Stay calm and look at when to send out wedding invitations here…

Optimal Timing

You need to send out your invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding. This gives every guest time to:

  • Mark the date on the calendar

  • Book the necessary time off work

  • Set in motion travel preparations

  • Make arrangements for pets, babysitters, etc

  • RSVP to your response card

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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

How to send out wedding invitations is really quite straightforward. Never deliver them by hand even if the invite is for your neighbor. All wedding invitations should be dispatched through the post.

Save the dates can be sent out up to 12 months before the actual wedding. For local venues, this can be reduced to about four months prior. The information on these cards is perfect to inform and excite your guests before you follow up with your formal invitations about eight weeks before the wedding.

Proper etiquette calls for sending save the dates beforehand if you’re planning a destination wedding. You should allow at least six months to ensure that all your guests can make the necessary plans and attend. Sending out the invitations this early will ensure that savings can be made on air travel, for example.

Essential Timing

Your wedding invitations timeline should look like this:

  • Up to 12 months before the wedding – post your “save the dates” – vital for destination weddings

  • Six to eight weeks before the wedding – post your wedding invitations and include any bridal shower invites as these will be expected at the same time

  • Four to six weeks before the wedding – if rehearsal dinner invitations weren’t included with the wedding invitations you should plan to send them this time scale in advance

  • Two to three weeks before the wedding – this is the date to list on your RSVP cards that they need to be returned by – make a note to call or email any guests that miss this deadline

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Detailing Your Wedding Invites

Finding out how guests prefer to be addressed is the first rule. This ensures that all guests feel respected. And the invitation is well received. The first line of the invitation is devoted to the hosts of the wedding – often a combination of those covering the expenses.

The bride’s name should come before the grooms. And often includes her first and middle names. But this all depends on whether your chosen style is formal or more casual. There’s a comprehensive range of formal and informal greetings and phrases that you can refer to online. From sweet and simple to sleek and elegant.

Keep to the basics and include:

  • Date and time

  • Venue and address – and address of reception if different, with maps if needed

  • Dress code

  • Any other necessary information

And ensure that your overall design truly reflects your own personal style and how this resonates throughout your wedding theme.

Wedding Invitations Despatch Tips

You can ask the post office to pre-weigh a full invitation so that you accurately budget the costs. And request that the envelopes are hand-stamped instead of by machine that can leave marks on the invites.

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