There are some handy bits of free logo design software and online option out there these days. Canva, LogoMakr, DesignMatic – plus Wix and many other companies offer their own free logo design options. So why would you hire a graphic designer?

Would a free option not be more cost-effective? Why spend money on something if you don’t have to?

Well, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the design of your logo:

1. Your logo says an awful lot about your business

You have very little time to convince a pair of browsing eyes that you are a business they can trust. Your logo plays a big part in making that first impression one that’s good enough for them to look into you a little further.

That’s because there are many aspects of your logo which potential clients will use to make those natural, almost instant judgements about what type of business you have. The size, colour, font and general style of your logo will lead to snap decisions as to whether your business is:

  • Social Media LogosCheap or high-quality
  • Green or environmentally-conscious
  • Cheerful or approachable
  • Relevant to what they’re looking for
  • Professional or amateur

Remember – as with so many things in business, first impressions count. People have questions in mind when they’re looking for certain goods and services. Your logo needs to answer them.

In fact, that last question in the above list – one of how professional your business is – is one you definitely want to answer loud and clear…

2. Professionalism – one of the main benefits of a good logo

Take a look at the logos of some of the companies in your local area. If you put them all together in one place, you will almost certainly be able to tell which ones are the results of professional logo design and which are amateur efforts:

  1. Some logos are so bad that they become instant “do not disturb” signs. You might have glanced at that company’s name, but subconsciously you’re already edging away from deciding to use them.
  2. Other logos are so clean and professional that you might not even give them a second conscious thought after you see them for the first time. They fit in so well with the ethos, goals, fonts and colours of the company that they simply tick one of your subconscious mental boxes of judgement. This subtly lets you approve of your own decision to investigate a business further.

3. Your logo needs to fit the rest of your branding

As a business owner, you’ll already know how important it is to make sure your branding is cohesive. If you’ve already tried to design your own logo, you’ll also know how difficult that can be to actually achieve.

Your logo can be and should be the base on which the rest of your branding is built. Once you have perfected it, the advantage is that you can then use it everywhere your business appears:

J desk Logo DesignOnline:

  • In your catalogs and brochures
  • On your packaging or menus
  • Office stationery
  • Internal and external communications of all kinds
  • Everywhere your name features

This is particularly easy when you have a specialist handle your design for you. Various places, such as social media sites, printing companies and others require images to come in certain file formats or resolutions. You don’t want to find yourself remaking your logo every time you run into a new one.

A professional will have the right software – as well as the right design expertise – to make sure your logo and branding are appropriate and consistent in every location.

4. Become recognizable – stay consistent

The consistency you can achieve with a high-quality logo which you can use everywhere your brand appears is something you really want to consider. Cohesive branding says “reliability” in the minds of any potential client looking at it.

What’s the first thing you think about when someone says “McDonald’s”? It might be an affordably priced burger. Or the Happy Meals you used to enjoy as a child. But most likely, it’s those golden arches – the big yellow stylised letter “M” – which you see anywhere the McDonald’s brand is.

5. You get your money’s worth

The benefits of professional logo design are obvious to most people. If you are a start-up or other small business, however, it can be hard to mentally justify the expenditure to yourself. Especially when there are those free options available…

But the benefits of a good logo – as well as the dangers of having a bad logo – are there to be seen. A professional logo will help you attract new clients, presenting a solid first impression so that they come to trust your company and the goods and services which you offer.