How To Reply To A Wedding Invitation?

So, you’ve received your wedding invitation – and now you need to know how to respond! Wedding invite etiquette may seem a little daunting but actually it’s quite simple if you follow a few basic guidelines. See how to reply to a wedding invitation here…

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Graphic desinger work

What Is Graphic Design Used For?

What is graphic design? It’s the art or skill of combining text and pictures to create visual concepts – communicating ideas that inform and inspire potential business customers. Using computer software, the overall layout and production design is developed for various applications.

What is graphic design used for? Read on…

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christening Invitation with an envelope

Tips for christening invitations: wording and sending

A christening is a Christian ceremony during which a baby is made a member of the Christian church and officially given his or her name. During the christening, the baby will be baptised with blessed water – and this is the sign of becoming a part of God’s family.

This special day shared with family and friends will mark the start of a life filled with hope and joy. And one of the most important things to plan beforehand is the christening invitations. See tips for christening invitations: wording and sending here…

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What Are Save The Date Invitations And When To Send Them?

What is save the date? This actually means reserve this date on your calendar and please remember not to book anything else on this day. It’s used to inform family and friends of an important up and coming event – like your wedding!

After the wedding date has been set and the venue booked, your next step will be to make the guest list. When this is complete you may want to consider sending out save the date cards. See exactly what are save the date invitations and when to send them here…

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What Is The Business Stationery Every Company Needs?

Business stationery definition is every piece of paper that your company uses to communicate with its clients and associates. That incorporates letters, envelopes, invoices, business cards, and presentation folders, for example.

The importance of business stationery is huge – demonstrating professionalism and attracting new clients as it pitches the company image – and informing customers that the business is trustworthy and legitimate.

What is the business stationery every company needs? Read on…

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Barmitzvah invitation by Papyrus Design

What is the bar mitzvah?- invitations wording and etiquette

What is the bar mitzvah? This is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for boys. When is a bar mitzvah? According to Jewish law when a boy reaches 13 years, he’s accountable for his actions – and becomes a bar mitzvah. The term literally means son of the commandment – denoting a legally responsible member of the Jewish community.

This rite of passage includes eligibility to take part in public religious worship and to observe religious guidelines. This recognition is important as it begins an intellectual and spiritual marathon for the Jewish child. The child is called up to say the blessings of the Torah – the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures.

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Thank you card- frond photo

What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards?

A wedding thank you card is a type of correspondence that expresses gratitude for a gift or a service received on your special day. And they’re as important as your wedding invites. Your guests have taken the time and the trouble to attend your wedding and bring you a gift – so now it’s your turn to send your thank you words of appreciation.

You should try and send your wedding thank you notes within the first three months after your wedding. And they need to be handwritten to ensure they’re personal. See what to write in wedding thank you cards here…

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What is an Australian business card size?

A business card is a small card with a person’s name, occupation, and business address printed on it. Typically included are also a phone number and company website details. These cards are used at corporate events and networking to provide an easy source for saving the contact information.

What size is a business card? The standard business card size varies depending on where you are in the world. For example, a card printed in the UK and Western Europe has a common width of 8.5cm and a height of 5.5cm. What is an Australian business card size? Read on…

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The Principles Of Every Design

What Are The Principles Of Every Design?

Designs are defined as ideas or images to show the look and function of items before they’re made. In artwork, the principles of design are depicted by movement along lines, edges, and colours – intentionally creating something that actually considers a purpose.

There are a few basic principles that are taken into account when working on projects. So, what are the principles of design? Find out more here…

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Vector logo design

What Is A Vector Logo?

A company logo is easily recognised by a symbol or other small design that’s included and printed on all advertising. The logo is intended to communicate visually the brand identity and what it represents – creating an initial impression of the company.

The most successful logos not only send a message about company values but also create company loyalty. So, what is a vector logo? Find out more here…

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