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Your logo should speak for itself. With our service for bespoke business logo design in Melbourne, we ensure yours shouts out loud.

Take advantage of deep graphic design insight – gained through extensive experience creating unique, powerful logos for companies in every market sector.

Whether you are a fresh start-up in the tech industry, a home-based business or you already operate internationally, we help you tailor the perfect visualisation of your company’s values and market niche.

This gives you the strong branded company logo design on which the rest of your success can rest.

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Discuss your brand logo design with a specialist

The first step in achieving the aesthetic outcome you have in mind is to talk about your goals with one of our branding specialists.

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A personal meeting allows us to get a real sense of you and your company. In turn, you can get any brand logo design inspiration you might need from our experts, past masters and our body of current work.

You may have some set ideas about the elements you want to include in your design. On the other hand, you might have some concepts in mind but no fixed final outcome…

Whichever is true for you, our collaboration will ensure that you have as much involvement in the design process as you desire.

Arrange a personal consultation on business logo design in our busy Melbourne studio today.

Like all of our work in graphic design, logo creation involves an in-person discussion with you. This ensures we absorb all of your ideas and concepts and can offer advice and suggestions based on our many years of work with brands in all market sectors.

We can then incorporate the perfect imagery into your final logo

Fonts and style

Like you, we understand that your logo and your brand as a whole need to have the same overall theme and easily identifiable qualities.

Together, we ensure that your logo will fit in with your existing branding – or that it can be the base for your future re-branding project.


Your choice of colour will say a lot about your brand:

Are you a serious professional service provider? A hip and trendy modern cooperative? Or a business with a specific focus which you want to highlight in all of your branding?

Plus, modern logo design often involves planning for international trade with different cultures. Do you or will you be trading with a part of the world where colour symbolism plays an important role?

In China, for example, black has strong negative associations. Blue, generally positive ones.

Colours and Forms for Logo design

This is the kind of consideration which can be brought into the design of your professional logo even if your company is at a relatively early stage of its development.

Discuss your brand logo design with a specialist

Even for parts of the world where colour symbolism is not quite as important as China, the colours which you use in your logo have a critical role in defining the message it conveys on your company’s behalf.

Personal and professional logos – created by experts

Do you need a personal logo or a professional one?

Our graphic design and branding specialists have created dynamic, stand-out logos for individuals as well as companies and corporations of all sizes.

Discuss your custom logo design with one of our in-house experts today. We will be glad to welcome you for a personal consultation in our graphic design studio in Elsternwick, Melbourne, VIC.