Updating your logo every so often is a great way to stay stylish. Even small changes can modernise your brand. Watching how logo design trends evolve is key to keeping your logo effective and special. And predicting the styles and colours is important in order to survive in a highly competitive business environment. Look at some logo design trends for 2019 here…

Logo trends 2019 include:

  • Shapes

    • Circles: the rounded shape is ideal for most profile picture dimensions perfect for social media. You can choose from a full horizontal version to maximise the versatility and use the circular variety for other applications.
    • Boxes – text boxes are adaptable and flexible. Basic rectangular shapes are simple and clean. Boxes can be layered, have colour changes, and become transparent. The minimalistic design really works.
    • Geometrics – the value of a geometric shape is that it can make a complex figure simple. These designs are recognisable and readable. As well as capturing the heart of the brand in an elegant and abstract way.
  • Styles

    • Serif Fonts

      The serif trend is becoming more refined with elegant and elaborate styles. Polished and clean fonts offer personality in abundance alongside a fresh and symmetrical look.

    • Font Experiments

      Active techniques which will be used this year include indents, replacement of letters, different alignments of letters, and combinations of different fonts. This all makes the text logo more interesting and refreshed. And gives a unique perception to your target audience.

    • Hand lettering

      This intricate craft has each letter styled with character. Calligraphic traditions are combined with brand logos to create beautiful, unique designs. Hand lettering designs can be intriguing, inspiring, and instructive.

    • Hand Imagery

      This full-on trend of hands will be prevalent on many logos this year. Hands will be directing, embracing, enfolding, or reaching out offering support.

    • Minimalist

      Simple designs relate to both large and small sizes. And go well with all brand designs and marketing materials. Add this to any geometric style to create a simple and sophisticated logo.

    • Slots

      Logos with slots are going to be sought after. Several parallel lines can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. These designs are both pleasing and stylish. And keeps the visual space uncluttered.

    • Happy Logos

      The wish for cheerful logos increases year by year. There is a growing demand for funny and stimulating designs that take away the stresses of everyday living. Use lightness and optimism to your best advantage.

  • Colours

Logo trends staying on top include bright colour planes. Unusual colour schemes will dominate – pale greens and pinks, yellow and violets. The beauty of bright colours is that they are easily adaptable to all kinds of brands, conveying the desired image.

  • Gradients

    This year colour transitions and gradients will be relevant. The subtlety of colour change will use gradients to achieve certain effects of motion and progression. Giving the impression of movement and speed.

  • 3D Colours

    Three-dimensional logo design is innovative and designed for high-resolution media displays. Many shapes immediately stand out with amazing imagery. And the unique style gives you many creative options.

  • Metallic

    Metallic logo designs are powerful and high-class. Showing that your company is on the cutting edge. Gold is the way to go for wealth and luxury. Whilst silver can be subtle and beautiful. Iron, steel, and bronze versions indicate a sturdy and tough product.

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