A christening is a Christian ceremony during which a baby is made a member of the Christian church and officially given his or her name. During the christening, the baby will be baptised with blessed water – and this is the sign of becoming a part of God’s family.

This special day shared with family and friends will mark the start of a life filled with hope and joy. And one of the most important things to plan beforehand is the christening invitations. See tips for christening invitations: wording and sending here…

A Step-by-Step Guide

Who to send christening invitations to?

You’ll need to decide who is hosting the event as that determines who sends out the invitations. This is usually the parents or the godparents. Then you can specify who is being invited – and name the godparents as required.

The essential guests are the godparents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and close family friends. It’s unusual to have a large guest list so neighbours and friends are normally not invited – especially if the church limits the number of guests you can bring.

When to send christening invitations

Christening etiquette states that an invitation for christening celebrations be sent out four to six weeks in advance of the day. This gives guests time to make arrangements and leave that day free. This is especially important if guests have to travel to get to the chosen location.

It also a good idea to initially phone or email key guests with the date before sending the invitations out so that the day can be booked well in advance. You could even opt for digital invites if you prefer.

Invitation in envelope

How to write christening invitations?

An invitation card for your christening needs to include specific information that includes:

  • The nature of the event
  • The parents and child’s names
  • The date and time of when the occasion will take place
  • Where the location is – the full postal address may be needed for those who are travelling
  • Dress codes for formal or informal settings
  • Details of any festivities to follow with additional address details as necessary
  • RSVP details providing guests with a card providing a telephone number and email address for confirmation of attendance

Popular Styles of Christening Invitations

Common themes for christening invitations include:

  • Religious subjects such as saints, doves, candles, and crosses
  • Photographs of the baby or the family
  • Floral illustrations or floral patterns
  • Lace patterns with pretty script texts

Wording Your Christening Invitations

Christening invitation wording will depend on the style that suits you and your child – and the character of your church. A traditional church ceremony followed by a sophisticated dinner will require a more formal christening invitation wording.

This is achieved by using full names and the date written out in words – see an example below:

Formal wording ideas
Mr and Mrs George Clayton
Request the honour of your presence
At the christening of their son
On Saturday the fifteenth of May
At 11 o’clock in the morning
St Mary’s Church, Northam
Followed by lunch at The Pier House

If the nature of the christening is more relaxed then you can select an informal style of christening information wording that is creative – and can even be written as if from your child. Look at the following illustration:

Informal wording ideas
Invites you to his christening
On Saturday, 15th May, at 11.00am
At St Mary’s Church, Northam
Followed by lunch at The Pier House

Boy's Christening Invitation

Thank You Cards

It’s a really nice touch to send christening thank you cards following the christening day – acknowledging the kindness in sharing your child’s important religious milestone. Thank you cards can match the theme of the invitations, and you could also include photographs of the special day.

Create Unique Christening Invitations

Why not get a trusted couture stationery house to set the perfect tone for your christening invitations in Australia? You’ll be able to chat with a design specialist about your ideas and desires. And collaborate with an experienced team. You can visit the studio or view samples, and once your theme has been chosen you can include the addressing, enveloping and posting of all of your invitations in the deal!