What is save the date? This actually means reserve this date on your calendar and please remember not to book anything else on this day. It’s used to inform family and friends of an important up and coming event – like your wedding!

After the wedding date has been set and the venue booked, your next step will be to make the guest list. When this is complete you may want to consider sending out save the date cards. See exactly what are save the date invitations and when to send them here…

Save the Date Information

Save the date wording on your pre-wedding invitation comprises of the wedding date and location, and lets the guests know that they’ll also be invited to the wedding service. Essential pieces of data include:

  • The wedding date – this is the actual date you put on your card as it is the date you want guests to save. If your wedding is a destination style make this clear so that arrangements can be made for more than one day
  • The event location – write the full address accurately whether the wedding is at home or away. Bear in mind that even local guests may want to stay in a nearby hotel to avoid driving after the celebrations
  • Your names – it’s preferable to print your full names, but first names are quite acceptable for less formal occasions
  • Save the date - Wedding invitation

    You can also add extra information to your save the date wedding invitations such as:

    • Including an extra line that lets guests know a formal wedding invitation is on its way
    • Guiding guests to your wedding website which will give them all the additional facts they need to know
    • Offering hotel and motel information with regards to accommodation – particularly relevant if you’ve booked a block of rooms for wedding guests
    • Look at wording examples for your save the date cards below:

      Traditional wording
      Please Save the Date
      For the wedding of
      Jack Winter
      Jayne Fielding
      June 18 2020
      Melbourne, Australia
      Formal Invitation to Follow

      Formal illustration
      Jack Winter and Jayne Fielding
      Are getting married in Australia
      June 18, 2020
      Formal Invitation to Follow

      Casual option
      Save this date!
      Jack and Jayne
      June 18, 2020
      Melbourne, Australia

      Modern phrasing
      Jack & Jayne
      Melbourne, Australia
      Invitation to follow

      Save the Date Etiquette

      When to send out save the date following proper etiquette means that guests will receive their cards in plenty of time. This ideally requires you to send your cards out a minimum of four to six months before the wedding. If you’re planning a destination wedding this gives guests all the time they need to make travel arrangements, plan any holidays and arrange appropriate time off from work.

      Save the date cards normally don’t have a picture, don’t include any wedding gift registry information, and don’t have to match your actual wedding invitations. Avoid putting any confetti or glitter in the envelope.

      Remember that once you’ve sent the save the date cards you can’t take them back! It’s important to compile an accurate guest list beforehand and ensure you definitely want them at your wedding ceremony. Include information about plus-ones, and whether children will be welcome to attend.

      An important function of the save the date card is to give guests a hint of the forthcoming wedding – setting the tone and anticipation. You can send your save the date announcement by email if you prefer – but it may not be delivered to a current email address, or get filtered into the junk email folder. A card save the date is much more likely to be pinned on a notice board as a constant reminder.

      Wedding invitation

      Save the Date Designs

      You can either select a style that complements the wedding stationery that will follow, or choose a design that’s creative and fun. You can easily personalise and style your save the date cards with a little help from the experts.

      Contact Invitation Design Experts

      When you need professionally crafted save the date wedding invitations in Australia look no further than a reputable couture stationery house. Your save the date invitations will be designed and created immaculately. All your ideas and wishes will be taken into account as you discuss your event without any obligation. And you can arrange a complete package that takes care of everything – from the initial concept to the final posting of your save the date cards in Australia!