A company logo is easily recognised by a symbol or other small design that’s included and printed on all advertising. The logo is intended to communicate visually the brand identity and what it represents – creating an initial impression of the company.

The most successful logos not only send a message about company values but also create company loyalty. So, what is a vector logo? Find out more here…

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Here’s a list of technical terms and explanations for you to be able to understand the basics of the vector logo:

Vector file

This is a small and editable image that is extremely flexible with regards to resizing – making it simple for branding elements on the logo to be rescaled without losing any image quality. The file relies on mathematical equations to generate this rescaling technique to ensure perfection. And are more flexible as they contain a lot less data.

A vector file can also be converted to PNG and JPG formats for easy practice on the web. And they’re indispensable for graphic designers and printers.

Blue vector logo

Vector definition

Vector graphics are the creation of digital images through a sequence of mathematical statements – placing lines and shapes in a two or three-dimensional space.

This results in a representation of a quantity and a direction at the same time.

Other image file formats are AI, DXF, CDR, and XAR.

Vector format

What is vector format? Vector formats generally work with most modern software. And the benefits are many:

  • It can be scaled to fit a billboard without losing quality
  • Colours can be edited and printed consistently
  • It can be used on personal stationery and brochures
  • It can be manipulated to enhance creative options

Vector formats include:

  • EPS – this is the file most commonly used for vector icons and is highly compatible. It can be also be used with recent and older versions of illustrator
  • SVG – vector file formats that are designed specifically for the web to create high quality and sharp images when your logo is enlarged
  • PDF – Adobe’s PDF format is a good vector image format using the mathematical formulas to construct the screen image and placing it in the optimum space

Vector images

Vector images are constructed with mathematical formulas and are ideal for creating graphics that need resizing on a regular basis. Each individual object contained in a vector image is broken down into a series of geometric shapes rather than pixels – making them non-resolution dependent.

When your company brand and logo are created as a vector it can then be resized and used on letterheads and business cards – as well as your corporate jet! The most obvious advantage of vector images is that they’re quickly and perfectly scalable – with no upper or lower limit on sizing.

Logo design

Vector graphics

Using vector-based images as the starting point for a project such as logos will be implemented by a graphic designer. They have to be created by using impeccable drawing software.

Vector graphics are made up of lines and curves defined by the graphic elements – including mask paths, shape on shape layers, and text on text layers. These graphics will guarantee to convey your business function and leave an unforgettable impression on your existing and potential clients.

Vector artwork

Vector art is created using vector illustration software programmes such as Corel Draw. Using mathematic equations and geometric primitives – shapes, lines, and points – artwork is created that’s clean and precise and can be rescaled endlessly without losing any quality.

The difference between vector and raster graphics is that raster graphics are composed of pixels and vector graphics are composed of paths. A raster graphic is an array of pixels of various colours which form the image.

Vector backgrounds

There’s an endless variety of vector backgrounds – the bottom or base layer of the image. Vector layers comprise of lines and shapes. And vector text or groups which are composed of geometric characters.

Business card- logo

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