What is corporate branding? In the market place, corporate branding plays a significant role. The purpose of a corporate brand is to identify your company’s objectives. And values. Implementing a corporate brand gives you a unique and uniform look across the board. Find out more here…

The Business

Branding is all about creating a winning image. Making your brand stand out in the marketplace. And getting your website, logo, and brand to have the same unified theme. The corporate brand should also guide all marketing plans and programmes.

Corporate branding image

A successful corporate brand will not only be reflected in your company’s contact with existing and prospective clients. But also reveal the personality and core values that make you different from the crowd. Your unique branding will distinguish your company from direct competitors.

The Branding Process

A strong brand direction should start with:

Auditing – evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your website and visual identity allowing for positive changes

Determining your mission – ensuring you know your key brand messaging regarding your services and your clients

Achieving a unified brand strategy – updating existing logos for proper representation

Enforcing the guidelines – providing consistency with all marketing materials

The Next Step

Taking your business to the next level requires an understanding of how the branding elements actually work. This includes the positioning of the brand which needs to be developed. Making sure you keep things simple. And be different rather than better. Remember that customers buy because they’re inspired and desire.

Setting the tone enriches the personality of your business and indicates to customers what you stand for. Warm, friendly, and professional are the key factors required to establish trust. Use of capital letters, bullet points, exclamation marks all need to be taken into consideration. Pay close attention to the small details. And keep the language simple and clean.

Fonts are an important part in making the text on your website easy to read. Consider sizing, line spacing and the actual font itself. Think smart and chose wisely.

Colours, images, and logos all add to the visual world you’re creating. Choose colours that work with your brand positioning. And that appeal to your target market. It’s important to realise that people buy based on emotion. And colours have a strong influence on this.

The Values

To increase the positive perception that clients have of your company requires strong brand equity. This is defined as the value of the brand to the company itself. The benefits include:

Larger profit margins – customers will happily pay more for products and services as the brand is trustworthy and known for its dependability

Higher share values – increasing the price of any company shares

An effective marketing budget – letting the company focus on productive tactics

Goodwill – encouraging positive feelings for the brand including name recognition and brand loyalty

The Need

A corporate brand is a huge part of how your company is viewed. Worldwide. Buyers and competitors will form opinions of who you are. What you do. And how well you do it. Your brand’s values and personality are instantly apparent. And your reputation at stake.

Your brand will develop with your company. So, you need to ensure that it accurately replicates your history, ethics, character, and enterprise. The brand should be consistent with your objectives. And represent the real essence of the business.

Corporate branding needs to develop with changing times. Evolving with marketplace products and standards. Working with experienced marketing teams will ensure this happens.

The Professionals

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