What is the bar mitzvah? This is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for boys. When is a bar mitzvah? According to Jewish law when a boy reaches 13 years, he’s accountable for his actions – and becomes a bar mitzvah. The term literally means son of the commandment – denoting a legally responsible member of the Jewish community.

This rite of passage includes eligibility to take part in public religious worship and to observe religious guidelines. This recognition is important as it begins an intellectual and spiritual marathon for the Jewish child. The child is called up to say the blessings of the Torah – the law of God as revealed to Moses and recorded in the first five books of the Hebrew scriptures.

The Bar Mitzvah Etiquette

The bar mitzvah ceremony is open to the whole congregation – but custom dictates that a selection of guests are invited to celebrations that take place following the actual ceremony. Bar mitzvah invitation etiquette requires bar mitzvah invitations to be received by guests at least one month in advance. A response to the after party should be requested at least three weeks prior to the event, but no RSVP is needed for the ceremony.

The guest list should include family, friends, members of the synagogue community, and classmates. This list may be different for the ceremony and the following celebrations.

Barmitzvah invitation

Bar Mitzvah Wording Fundamentals

See the bar mitzvah invitations wording here…

Bar mitzvah invitations wording must include the basic details of the celebration, with the date, time, and synagogue where the service will take place. It must also state the child’s full name, and the hosting parents first and last names. Adding the Hebrew name of the child is an option.

These details must be focused on to ensure that the guests know exactly where and when the ceremony will take place. Bar mitzvah invitation text frequently contains a message of pride, joy, and tradition. Take special care to ensure that the address is written correctly and there aren’t any abbreviations. Bible verses can also make fitting additions.

The date and time are written formally – this means that all the numbers are actually spelt out. For example, 18 September 2019 would be written as the eighteenth of September two thousand and nineteen.

Commas or full stops aren’t necessary, but exclamation marks may be added for prominence. It’s very important to keep the tone consistent throughout the invitation package and to make sure there are no detail or spelling mistakes. Themed invitations can often make being a part of religious community fun and relaxed. Choose a favourite theme with invitations and wordings that match.

The overall look of the invitation is really very important as it’s the first impression given when the envelope is opened. High-quality invites with either traditional or unique designs are ideal.

Barmitzvah invitation wording

Wording for the Bar Mitzvah Reception

The reception party invite can be included on the bottom of the ceremony invitation – with the wording of the celebration being continued immediately following services. Or a separate bar mitzvah reception RSVP insert card can be placed inside the envelope with the larger service invitation. These cards are small and not suitable for mailing out by themselves – but are intended to be sent back. Save the date bar mitzvah cards are customisable and made to match any themed larger invitations.

The wording for these cards will include details of where the reception will be held with the time, and whether the attire is formal or semi-formal. Meal choice options, phone and email address can be added to ensure a prompt reply.

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