A logo is defined as a small design or symbol used by a company to identify its products and services. The combination of text and visual imagery leaves an instantly recognisable imprint on potential and existing customers. And are intended to be the face of your business.

Logos comprised of essential elements are the most successful. And can make a significant impact on public perception of your entire enterprise. So, what makes a good logo design? Read on…

Your Brand’s Visual Identity

You need to think of your logo as a symbol that may be simple but is highly recognisable – and easy enough to recall after a single glance. Creating this logo can be time-consuming and needs precise planning. The resulting design will inspire loyalty, trust, and set you apart from competitors.

A great logo will convey the message you want to send – swiftly determining your products and services. Your logo needs to be unique and deliberate – encouraging customers to look at your logo for longer ensures significant memory and recall.

Social media logos

Your Design Process

The logo design process is a system of brand individuality which must be easy to understand and appropriate to your business. You’ll need to look at current design trends with regards to your industry – then develop your own creative approach.

An effective logo design is versatile – looking good on novelty items as well as posters – reflecting the style and design features you require. Bear in mind that a great logo is unique and distinctive, reflects your brand’s identity – and is above all memorable.

You need to isolate each design component one step at a time:


  • Handcrafted – defining an individual and handmade quality – and can be combined with a vintage or minimal character
  • Modern – a clean and minimalist option that sends out a message of being up to date and fresh
  • Retro – a reminder of the past with feelings of nostalgia and history
  • Classic – simplicity evokes feelings of reliability and dependability
  • Fun – ideal for brands that are creating a positive and friendly vibe targeting a younger client base


Creative typography is a major logo design trend. There are four basic types of font to explore:

  • Serif – with little feet at the end of the letter which works well with vintage and classic designs
  • Sans Serif – a sleek and simple look ideal for modern brands
  • Script – a huge variety covering elegant calligraphic styles to individualistic hand-drawn logos
  • Display – decorative fonts that are eye-catching and highly stylised
Logo design on different items
Logo design colour palette


Paying attention to colour is important – colours are complex and denote a variety of meanings. For example:

  • Red – symbolises passion and excitement
  • Orange – represents energy and vibrancy
  • Yellow – implies friendly and cheerful
  • Green – suggests a connection with nature
  • Blue – denotes calming and cool
  • Purple – epitomises luxury and mystery
  • Black – is a symbol of sleek and modern
  • White – signifies modern and youthful


Another great feature of a good logo design is structural soundness. This means the ability of the design to look symmetrical and balanced. This deliberate arrangement equates to excellence.

And it’s the paying attention to the small details that makes the difference. A whole new level can be achieved by simply adjusting caps, lowercase, and uppercase lettering. It all comes down to the balance.

Your logo needs to be:

  • Organised and simple
  • Completely unique
  • Gravitating towards order
  • Visually balanced
  • Easily readable
  • Attractive and interesting
Logo design of a law company

Your Potential Errors

A successful design business logo needs to express a message. And there are a few mistakes that can be avoided when you start your design journey. These include:

  • Hindering your growth – by believing that you’re the best and totally brilliant – have confidence in your ability to mature
  • Being predictable – create a design that tells a story and stands out from the crowd
  • Miscalculating the colour scheme importance – the essence of any visual art
  • Experimenting without practicality – stay within rules and restraints to remain innovative, not excessive
  • Underrating distinctive designs – ensure your fonts are effective and appropriate
  • Misjudging novelty – extremely important in business and branding

Your Personal Logo Design Project

Look no further than a trusted couture stationery house to help you with your print collateral. Experienced designer specialists will discuss your ideas. And put your values into a visual concept that makes you stand out in the marketplace. As well as high-quality logo design you’ll be invited to experience the full branding development – perfect for a unified theme.