A business card is a small card with a person’s name, occupation, and business address printed on it. Typically included are also a phone number and company website details. These cards are used at corporate events and networking to provide an easy source for saving the contact information.

What size is a business card? The standard business card size varies depending on where you are in the world. For example, a card printed in the UK and Western Europe has a common width of 8.5cm and a height of 5.5cm. What is an Australian business card size? Read on…

Standard business card size in Australia and around the world

There’s no official body that regulates standard business card sizes. And these differ according to convenience and tradition. Cards such as credit cards and other banking cards may also influence the size.

These factors enforce the uniformity of business card dimensions in Australia and other countries. But as you can see from the following information the variances are slight with the greatest modification being less than 1.5cm.

The standard business card size in cm in Australia is 9cm wide and 5.5cm high. This is a size designed for the card to fit comfortably into a potential client’s wallet. Making it convenient for your connections. And ideal for you to carry on your personal travels.

The standard business card sizes for other global areas include:

  • USA and Canada: 8.9cm wide x 5.1cm high
  • Japan: 91cm wide x 5.5cm high
  • Denmark, New Zealand, and Sweden: 90cm wide x 5.5cm high
  • Russia, Romania, and Slovakia: 90cm wide x 5.0 cm high
  • ISO (cards for healthcare): A8 size 7.4cm wide x 5.2cm high
  • ISO C8 size: 8.1cm wide by 5.7cm high
Business Card

Business Card Borders

Business card dimensions in Australia include a bleed area around the edge of the card. And colour and images that print up to the border should spread to this area.

The trim area adjacent to the bleed area is the finished size of the card. Any print outside of this will be trimmed.

The non-text area located alongside the trim area is where you should avoid putting any text or essential details.

Bear in mind that the white space on your business card is essential to the design. Without adequate white space, the card lacks emphasis. A professional business card will get potential customers interested in your business or product.

Business Card Choices

Even though the standard business card size in Australia is 9cm x 5.5cm slightly larger cards can carry great benefits. The additional room on the card can be used for larger graphics, more business information and include plenty of whitespace to make your message stand out.

Business cards in Australia can be custom-shaped. You can be as creative as you like as long as you have the required printing aids. Rounded corners are an equally different feature – and they easily slide into business cardholders.

Other options include business cards that are:

  • Matte or glossy
  • Recycled
  • Embossed
  • Foiled
  • Spot UV
  • Duplex uncoated
business card

Using the standard business card size in Australia can actually save you money as deals on printing are wide-ranging. And you’ll be able to focus on creating a design that’s unique. Keeping the design simple and easily readable are two key factors. Defining clearly what your business does being the main goal.

Another benefit is that standard size business cards are compatible with over the counter cardholders so your card is more likely to be kept. And modern apps can actually scan business cards making them even more versatile.

Designing a business card can create all sorts of challenges – so taking your project ideas to a graphic design company specialising in matching your branding and conveying all vital information may be your best route.

Business Card Creation

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