Once you get engaged, you’ll want to start planning for your wedding. Choosing the date, formatting the guest list, and researching potential venues will be priorities. And so will send out invitations. These are so essential as they set the theme as to what your guests may expect on the day. And help prepare them for your special occasion. See just what to include in a wedding invitation here…

Invitation Planning

Things to write on wedding invitations include:

  • Custom calligraphy looked beautiful in a bronze foil. Host names – use the full name and a prefix that’s appropriate
  • Date and time of wedding – include a clear am or pm and if the wedding is months ahead remember to add the year
  • The venue – record a detailed destination that makes it easy to get there, including a postcode so that it can be typed into a Sat Nav
  • Dress code – formal or casual instructions alongside the wedding theme
  • Reception instructions – if the reception is going to be held at another venue make this well-defined

In addition

You need to include a method for guests to let you know if they’re attending. This could be in the form of pre-addressed reply cards with a stamped envelope. Or if you opt for online invites you can make a select option that confirms attendance. Make sure you specify a date for return of the reply card.

Menu option cards are a great way of informing guests of the refreshments available. These ensure that vegetarian or other dietary requirements are known and catered for.

Reception cards contain all the relevant information as to the date, time, and type of reception. Accurate directions and a map can be very helpful. If guests are travelling from another country, you’ll need to include details on flight information, accommodation, and remember to send them out much earlier.

Enclosure cards can include details of wedding parties, rehearsals, and wedding websites and registry information.

Wedding programmes make delightful keepsakes. The small booklets provide the order of events and the titles of any songs or readings.

You can write on a wedding invitation inner envelope to personalize your stationery even more. Although they add to the overall presentation, they’re not essential and can be quite expensive.

Don’t forget thank you cards which should be hand-written by you to thank guests for their presence and their gifts.

Don’t forget thank you cards which should be hand-written by you to thank guests for their presence and their gifts.


Choosing your invitation colours will depend on your wedding theme and emotion. Setting the mood and capturing it throughout will be achieved by selecting from:

wedding invitation with gold fonts

  • Blue – calm and tranquil
  • Purple – glamorous and perceptive
  • Pink – romantic and loving
  • Orange – exciting and energetic
  • Yellow – warm and cheerful
  • Green – natural and lucky
  • White – pure and innocent
  • Black – formal and sophisticated

You can choose colours and motifs that mix and match beautifully. And use contrasting envelopes to complete the look.


Remember that the style of writing you select needs to be clear and legible. Printing on dark or light backgrounds will affect the density so you’ll need to beat that in mind. Use design and text that is simple and elegant. Popular fonts include:

  • Corneria Script – elegant enough for any style of wedding
  • Baroque Script – formal and beautiful, and very easy to read
  • Freebooter Script – a contemporary option that reflects love
  • Windsong – a hand-drawn font that mimics calligraphy and is a perfect romantic choice

Get Professional Wedding Invitation Designs

Artists from a trusted couture stationery house will make the job simple! You’ll be able to discuss your ideas. And you’ll be guided by a design team with skills and experience in wedding day preparations. Whatever style or theme you want to convey you’ll be guaranteed immaculate invitations that are uniquely you.